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Two Pairs Of Eyes

Walking around often I will catch the eye of a stranger. It is completely normal, an everyday occurrence. The eyes are our first real sense of ourselves, others and our environment or situation. Yet, it always makes me think, ponder these everyday slight, but not quite interactions; perhaps they could even be precious ‘on the brink’ connections.

Sometimes eye contact, and then a smile can spark a conversation from nowhere. You get to have a few moments of connection, and gain a smidgen of trust from people you may never ordinarily converse with.

Travelling back to Madrid this happened to me. I begun talking to one lady in the airport waiting lounge, and another lady 10 minutes before boarding the plane. It is strange, but often this eye contact, that leads to a friendly discourse can be the most enlightening or nicest interaction of your whole day.


What is it about our eyes, that can draw another in and spark a connection of friendship or even love??

Just two pairs of eyes can meet across a room, a street or a wide open space.

What does the silent glance mean to each person, who, in one moment have become caught up in each other’s gazes?

Does it signify the owners of those eyes are sharing the same emotion, at the same moment, with the aid of some unseen force guiding them to one another for whatever reason?

Does it even involve emotion, or is this something more deep seated and innate? A strange unspoken connection perhaps or is it merely an empty, and cold stare meant for lust or as a passing ‘who is that’ glance.

Why do we emphasise and connect to the eyes; to make friends, to be friendly, for desire, to covet? Is it more than merely some ancient mechanism of evolution and survival?

What is it about the eyes that tells us so much, and yet doesn’t even speak a word?

In one glance sometimes there is a host of wonder to behold, and yet unless you look up, you will never see what is there to be seen within a strangers eyes.

15 thoughts on “Two Pairs Of Eyes

  1. I think on the most basic level making eye contact with someone is how we acknowledge our full awareness of the other person. Since the eyes are our main way of perceiving the world around us and the other people in it, it makes sense that meeting someones gaze is the main way we first perceive another person. Most of our first impression come from what we see before any of the other senses. On a deeper level I think the eyes can communicate a lot about a person without them saying a word. It’s hard to lie with your eyes, in fact some researchers even use eye movement to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth because we all make the same subconscious eye movements depending on whether we are lying or telling the truth.

    • Yes, direct eye contact certainly holds great importance in society. Most people see this as a sign of honesty and openness. Yes, I have heard that too, made me quite paranoid actually – I kept wondering which side means I’m telling a fib!!! Hehe!!
      Thanks for your input on this – once again I completely appreciate your response.
      Bex 🙂

  2. lots of people avert their gaze when I look at them, as if it were impolite to meet someone’s eyes. Maybe they’re just afraid that the giant will smash them to bits if they dare enter a staring contest 😉

    like having a firm hand shake, being able to look someone in the eye is an indicator of character for me.

    • Haha!!!!! I hope not!! I do think people do sometimes shy from meeting other people’s eyes. There is a difference, well, for me anyway, from staring for no reason, and meeting a gaze to be polite. Eye contact is an important element for us humans, but some looks might be threatening or indeed lecherous! I think dodging eye contact could be seen as shy or furtive. Yet, some people may just be shy.

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