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Times A’wasting

I often feel much of my day is taken up with thinking about, worrying about and focusing on the most ridiculous and silliest of things.

I don’t often question this, this is just me going through the motions of my daily existence, and I just accept it. I tell myself; this is life, we all do this, this is the glue that binds the day together, that allows the greater aspects to stand out and mean something. BUT WHY?? Why waste time on such nonsensical matters? Time is precious, we only live once – all these things are told to us daily and still, though I know this, I allow myself to be caught up.

Life seems to me to be filled to the brim with the most inconsequential of things.

We seem to make a habit, or make it life’s purpose to seek and instate the dull and the waste of time. Maybe it has become routine.

We fill minutes, hours and days with emptiness, and don’t even consider the waste.

We don’t cry out, outraged, by being short changed, by not having something more substantial surrounding us.

Immeasurable nonsense seems to be the ‘menu del dia’ every day of the week.

The cost of this cannot be counted in currency, but in that oh so precious transaction, that thing you can never get reimbursed or reinstalled – YOUR TIME!

YOUR TIME which is YOUR LIFE being stolen from you bit by bit, and perhaps you don’t even realise it.

So subtle is the theft that occurs by engaging in an action without any real and true purpose.

Yet, I write all of this and know, tomorrow is another day; once again I shall commence my slavedom to the ridiculous and silliest of things without question.

That’s life!

15 thoughts on “Times A’wasting

  1. Step 1… you have stepped outside yourself and recognized it…
    Step 2… start the reclamation project by taking your days back bit by bit. If you can take back a very small % each day (and keep it), before long you will have reclaimed a large portion of your life.
    Step 3… How you ask? Practice “being in the moment.” Being present. Sounds hokey, I know, but it works.

    Good luck…

    • Hi, no I agree with you!! As a trained Counsellor I am used to thinking this way, to encourage clients to do that very thing. Yet, for me it is easier to encourage others to think that way than practice it myself!!! I do try, but with the whole world spinning by – so much to do, attend to, see and think of – I struggle. Thank you for that though – as always I never shun the good luck being offered!!!!!!
      Thanks for your response,
      Bex 😀

  2. I believe it was some talmudic sage who said that a time waster is worse than a thief because, at least the thief can give back what has been stolen. As I get older I find I am becoming more intolerant of time wasting activities, both my own and that of others.

    • Thanks for your input Malcolm, I appreciate it as always.
      This is the very thing that bothers me – we are quite happy to merely allow it to occur without protest. Yes, I am the same – yet, unfortunately I find myself falling into the trap time and time again regardless.

  3. I guess we need to ask ourselves “what should I be doing instead?” and also “why am I not doing it then?” If you feel that the whole reason you are on this earth is to spend your time doing X or accomplishing X then any activity not related to doing or working towards X is a waste of time. The problem is that so many dont know what X is for them so, while they know they are wasting their time doing these silly, ridiculous things, they dont really have anything more important they want to be doing or they would be doing it already.

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