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10 Things I Hate

Pic from: hartlove.wordpress.com

Pic from: hartlove.wordpress.com


Going on our merry way through life, we all tend to pick up things that rankle us. Whether they are designed for such purposes or not, they do.

Sometimes it is as though the universe itself converges upon me, just with one thought at heart; to annoy, cause disharmony, disrupt and blatantly infuriate me!

With all this in mind I sat down and considered, funnily enough not for long, what my top ten most hated things were (in relation to situations mainly).

So, here they are – enjoy and hopefully you can empathise too?!

1. Where ever you sit down or park your car – doesn’t matter how empty a place is, someone HAS TO situate themselves near you. WHY? Is it herd mentality?

2. Bad manners. Now this I cannot abide. Manners cost nothing. It is a sign of courtesy, a display of appreciation which makes everyone’s day a little more pleasant. Whether it is a ‘thank you’ or holding a door open for someone; the sentiment behind the act is priceless.

3. People who wear summer clothing just because they see a glint of sunshine in February (or any other time of year when it is equally as freezing cold)!!

4. Those people who never truly listen, but merely wait for their turn to speak. This is not conversation, this is not empathy, this is not courteous. This type of discourse only makes for frustration, and a feeling of being under-valued.

5. People who bring all their problems to your door, but when you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on they run for the hills. This is not friendship, but a free counselling service!

6. Queues. Whichever queue you join it will be the one that takes the longest to get served. Fact!

7. People who drive whilst brushing their hair and applying make-up, speaking on a mobile phone, texting their friends, whilst reading a map or whilst using a laptop (yes, I actually have witnessed a truck driver doing this very thing)!

8. People who do not know the meaning of giving way whilst walking on a sidewalk. They negotiate the sidewalks as badly as they drive. I know here in Madrid getting from A to B can be a free for all – pushing and shoving, whole groups of people blocking your path and taking over the whole sidewalk; even dogs and children running into you. I hate it – MOVE OVER and let other people be on their way PLEASE! Regardless of what you may think, you DON’T own the sidewalk!!!

9. People who just STARE at you for no reason, as though they haven’t seen another human being in about 10 years. WHY!  

10. People who inflict their BAD ATTITUDES on you for no reason other than you happen to be near them at that moment. I actually experienced this quite recently whilst I was visiting my Grandmother in Accident and Emergency. Some psycho woman thought it was OK to ‘get up in my face’ just because she was having a bad day. Like I wasn’t!!!! Oh well, she was having a bad day, well then that behaviour is excused and all is OK – just go ahead and make my day even more awful, just as long as you get all your anger off your chest; errr, NO!

Just 10 things?? WOW, I really feel I could ‘vent’ 10 more!!!!

WHAT ABOUT YOU??? Have any of YOU anything to add to my modest list of annoyances????

PLEASE – LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!     

29 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate

  1. Ugh! I could totally understand the feeling of most of what you said here. Philippines was under Spain for 300 years so I don’t know how similar Filipinos act to Spanish people. I tell you! The English part of me gets really frustrated. And so here are some of my “things I hate”:

    1. People who walk slow. Filipino people walk as if they’re sight seeing. At the mall, on the streets, in school, on the way somewhere. I hate walking slow specially when I’m alone. I always overtake when people are walking slowly in front of me. Sometimes I just want to walk right in front of their backs and make them feel awkward just because their slowness annoys the fuck out of me.

    2. People who cut in line. When I was younger I used to just let it go. But there was this time in high school where there were already student officers monitoring our lunch lines. I was really hungry, lunch was almost over and the line was still not getting anywhere. Suddenly someone cuts in line and it pissed me off ’cause I was standing there for more than 30 minutes already and you just dare cut in line? No. Since then I always tell people to go queue properly.

    3. Driving: Filipino mentality of “me-first” The traffic is unbearable. Nobody gives way. They also cut in line. The worst thing is, each car is a few inches away from each other just because they’re all trying to fucking squish themselves on an opening. Trust me, leave a few metres of space from the car in front of you and your car, and within a few seconds, a new car butts in :\

    4. Well in my case since I’m British-Filipino and lean more on the European side in terms of physical appearance, plus being really tall for an Asian girl. I really hate it when people comment loudly on my height or my appearance. As if they’ve not seen any other mixed Filipinos, or foreigners at that. There are loads of them everywhere. I’ve been hearing “Yo! Yo! Are you American? So tall!” ever since I was young. And I really hate that when people pass by as I walk, they’d suddenly do this tip-toe thing to make themselves taller, attempting to level their height to mine. Sometimes I’d like to just do the very opposite, bend my knees, make myself shorter and offend the living hell out of them.

    I’ve got loads but honestly can’t remember. At least I felt a little better. 🙂

    • These are spot on – I think maybe there is a correlation here!!! I forgot, the queue jumping!!!! Very true. Also the hogging of things – an example; I was trying to look at a food display in a store, and instead of the people taking up a small amount of space and moving on, they stood and took up the entire area. They didn’t understand others would want to look at, and choose food too, they stood there oblivious and blocking everyone else getting near!!!! I said very sharply, ‘EXCUSE ME’! They then shuffled on and apologised, but really, it is as though they are in their own world, and no-one else exists!!!!!!

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  3. Hey this is my “top ten things I hate list”! Every single one of these things bugs me. I would also add:

    1. people who stand way too close behind you in line, as if they are trying to tell you they are in a hurry. Hello its a line, if you are in such a hurry why did you bother getting in line in the first place?!

    2. People who read over your shoulder, especially when you’re on your phone/laptop texting or using the internet.

    3. Customer service people who have horrible attitudes, I am sorry you hate your job but it is “customer service” so either do it with a smile or find a new line of work.

    4. One-uppers! Those people who always feel the need to top anything you have done, experienced or accomplished good or bad.

    5. And finally, those people who always feel the need to tell you what the weather is like. I know its cold, i’m standing right next to you so I dont need an unsolicited weather report!

  4. I was shopping the other day, and a well-dressed older woman was pushing her shopping cart as if it was a bulldozer. The aisles were narrow and she just sort of rammed into me in slo-mo and then pushed past. I smiled at her and said, “Oh, excuse me – be my guest”, as unsarcastically as I could, crammed up against the shelves as I was. Now, normally I would have said something more offensive because she was being really inconsiderate and rude, but for some reason I didn’t.
    She came up to me five minutes later in another aisle and apologized profusely, saying she was just having a bad day and hadn’t realized how self-absorbed and pushy she was being. Wow. That was a real surprise. And in retrospect, I was glad I had used the ‘kill ’em with kindness’ approach’.

    • Thanks for your response.
      That is definitely a difficult thing to do, bite your tongue and favour a more ‘demure’ response! Wow, an apology; it proves often anger and retaliation isn’t always the best policy. We need to all take note, well, I do in any case!!
      Bex 🙂

  5. People who tailgate me while driving, I tend to drive slower when.this happens.

    People who feel the world owes them something.

    People not listening.

    Automated voice answering systems…please press one for more options…all I want to do is talk to somebody.

    Whenever I have snapped at someone and I felt that it would ruin a relationship, I would always seek that person out and apologize to them.

    • Thanks for the things that your hate, I appreciate your input!
      Automated voice machines – yes, I hate them, so frustrating. Oh, and tailgating – a sure way to rankle me too!!
      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

  6. when I read your #8 on the hate list, I had to think of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb6c8y1SCW8

    @#1: definitely herd mentality, it stopped bothering me years ago

    @#2: Any sign of appreciation will do, but obviously, it is too much to ask for. Also, I can’t stand being interrupted, unless I talk for more than a minute without pause, which really rarely ever happens. talking for more than a minute, I mean. I am interrupted very often.

    @#3: I wear short pants in the arctic winter, so you’d hate me 😉

    @#4: right up there with being interrupted

    @#5: I know better than telling my problems to “real” people, i.e. in RL, except for my best friend

    @#6: I save lots of time by evaluating queues before I enter them

    @#7: those people are a bleeding menace

    @#9: it could be lazy eye syndrome 😉

    @#10: that would be a reason to go berserk for me, and then I would have had a good day at the expense of someone who had already had a bad day. Being a giant of a man, though, people avoid angering me…

    • Haha, really short pants in the winter, oh no, how could you?!!
      I love your 10! We all have something that gets us infuriated!
      Thanks for participating – I appreciate it 🙂
      I’ll check out that video too 🙂

  7. I agree with most of these at the moment what’s doing my head in most is people with bad attitudes, people who stare at you for no reason and people wearing summer clothes! It’s only march! Lol cxxx

  8. I agree, some people think just because they’re having a bad day then that’s a proper excuse for them to say whatever they want, regardless to the feelings of the recipient. Its really hard trying not to treat disrespectful people likely, because we would then be just like them. But I admit I sometimes snap, we all do actually. I just try to admit my mistakes ASAP and apologize if possible, that would decrease the rage in the person in front of me. Of course if I was the casualty of someone’s bad day I wouldn’t let his day go any better if he doesn’t admit his mistakes.. Its really sick 🙂
    Let’s just forgive one another.. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for your considered input on this, I appreciate it! You raise very valid and interesting points.
      People often don’t think, and it is disrespectful.
      Yes, we all snap sometimes – but apologising is the key. None of us are perfect!
      Ignoring them too, that can work 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting too!

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