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New Blogging Direction – An Experiment

So, before I signed off WordPress to return to the UK last week, I was pondering the direction my blog was moving in. I wanted to experiment with new themes, and introduce something more than my usual politics or sociological posts .

I asked for some advice on this from my readers, and had some great feedback. THANKS TO EVERYONE who did respond to my quandary 😀

During my week away though I found myself writing quite a lot in a little note book I took with me. I actually felt revived, my mind seemed unshackled and clearer. Being in the UK actually gave me renewed impetus, and I felt new ideas come to me.

Consequently I have tried out these new ideas in a few posts already:

Not So Common Sense Of Common Sense

‘M’ Is For The Many Ways I’d Maim ‘Her’


I have been mulling over life, feelings, thoughts and observations on life – a real mixed bag of themes!

I am hoping to receive SOME feedback on what I have written from my readers (If they still exists)! I am sensing a sort of lull, which makes me feel that somehow I have been out of the blogsphere loop too long 😦

Is a week away too long a time to encourage ANYONE to have a read of my words???? I HOPE NOT!!

PLEASE, I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR OPINIONS on these posts. Let me have YOUR thoughts 🙂

P.S: THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who take time to read what I write and respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always; I APPRECIATE IT!!!



10 thoughts on “New Blogging Direction – An Experiment

    • Thank you for wishing me luck! Yes, I suppose it becomes natural after writing a certain style for a while. Thank you I will, and hopefully others will appreciate my efforts.
      Thanks again,
      Bex 🙂

  1. I greatly respect you for taking the time away to clear your mind and seek out new ventures. I am terrible at finding the time to post more regularly, between everything else in my life. Your decision to take a planned hiatus has inspired me to do the same; I need to find a more solid and routine direction.
    Keep the posts coming! I’m always reading 🙂

    • Thank you for that, I value your respect.
      I do think I needed it, and with the ups and down of last week I think my whole outlook on blogging changed. It was quite odd how it all fell into place, after thinking I required some type of renewal, it just occurred. A new environment, scene and interactions can be great to shed new perspective.
      I wish you well on your own mini quest to consolidate your own thoughts and direction; however I have enjoyed reading your posts!!
      Thank you, and I will be writing more shortly!! Thank you for your continued support too.
      Bex 🙂

  2. Hi – I’ve been enjoying your blog, and wanted to stop by and comment on your new direction so you know people are paying attention. I like the comments you are making, I see where you are going and I appreciate your ideas. I hope you don’t mind it if I share my impressions and thoughts.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing each of these new posts (or this kind of musing on life issues) grounded in one or two brief anecdotes, whatever precipitated your train of thought. They don’t have to necessarily be overly personal, but just whatever set the ball in motion for that particular post.
    I really think there is a lot of room for good posts on the kinds of topics you pick – for me, I would like to see the door that led you to that place. And maybe the door that leads you back out, on occasion.
    Just my two bits. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to read more.

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