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‘M’ Is For The Many Ways I’d Maim ‘Her’

Who is her you might ask, well, it could be anyone, couldn’t it????

Perhaps it is reference to us, and how quick we are to shoot ourselves in the foot time and time again??

Or maybe we just like to shoot others down – whatever, it all amounts to the same thing; harbouring a tinge of fear or anger.

Well, I know I am guilty of thinking ‘How bloody dare they?!’ With an incredulous tone. Oh, and not to forget, ‘They’ll get their comeuppance’.

Yet, that doesn’t mean I’m about to hunt them down and make them sorry they were born.

Whether these others are at fault or even if they deserve a smack in the mouth – why the Hell should I care, and even deign to let them set foot over the threshold of my little sanctuary of peace of mind?

Can it ever be worthwhile going all out to ensure the person who has done you wrong gets it back??

I’m asking, but can assure, I’m not the vengeful type!!!

I mean doesn’t this all out ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Really just destroy a piece of you, before you destroy a piece of the person who made you initially feel ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!???

Isn’t this game we could opt to play to get back, merely just stooping to a childish tit for tat mentality?

What’s the point in ‘maiming’ someone, just so you feel you have recompense?

The many ways I’d maim ‘her’, ummmmm, well I’m sure there could be many, but the best is truly acting as though nothing is wrong.

Rise to the bait and it is you who is maimed and not ‘her’.

14 thoughts on “‘M’ Is For The Many Ways I’d Maim ‘Her’

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  2. Chinese Proverb: “The person who seeks revenge should dig two graves.” Revenge is a dangerous game and it can lead to a war of escalation. Each party trying to one up the other until suddenly what might have started out innocent ends up in tragedy.

    I believe there have been many good pieces of literature on the subject. The Count of Monte Cristo being one. Although I haven’t read the book, my understanding is that it ends quite sad for the Count, unlike the recent movie.

    The feelings of rage, resentment and hatred are terrible and I think costly. I never like feeling that way but sometimes when I do feel that way I don’t recognize it because I am too caught up in it.

    People aren’t always the easiest to get along with, lol. But in the end, it is worth it.

    • Yes agreed – pursuing this path can only be detrimental to anyone. It kind of eats you up inside, it is a bad place to be. I do try to say ‘whatever’, but I can ruminate too long on those that may hurt me. I am working on that though!
      Good points Greenembers!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m not vengeful in the least, but I don’t just turn the other cheek, either. There’s this guy who owes me €500+, and after 3 months, this is going to court. His business is going to be ruined because of that, but he should have paid me for my work; in fact, I know of several people who he has failed to pay, so I am doing society a service

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