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A Blogging Interlude

But I'll be back!!!!!!!!!

But I’ll be back!!!!!!!!!

Hello you wonderful people out there in bloggers-sphere!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to inform you all, taking for granted you will be interested; I shall be taking a little break from being
‘The Savvy Senorita’ for roughly one week.

Reason, well, I am going away and won’t be able to rely on a constant internet connection. So, I figure what is the point in stressing my-self, trying to keep up with posting when it will be difficult to do so.


I am re-considering my blog, well, the direction of it, and the material I include. At the moment I seem to infuse my blog with plenty of ‘political’ scribblings, but I have taken to wondering recently if this alone is enough??????????

I enjoy my politics, but wonder if this says all there is to say about little old me. I don’t want to become ‘stuck in a rut’ after all!!

The break away may provide me some time to clarify my position, or draw up my battle lines! Either way I hope to return ‘enlightened’ (yes I jest)!

If any of you little stars out there have anything you can offer to help me solve this quandary regarding my blog direction, well, I would be oh so appreciative if you share with me your wisdom!

Thanks, and speak soon.

Over and out,

Bex 🙂

14 thoughts on “A Blogging Interlude

    • Hi you,
      Yes we have and I have been considering it all. I have made so many notes back home, so I’m looking at life ‘issues’ not really political things. Lot happened and I just wanted to go with feelings on things rather than ‘facts’ and so on. You’ll see when you read things – I am hoping to change. The UK inspired me!!!! Goodness, don’t know whether that is good or bad.

      What is this tag, ummmmm, I’ll take a look.

      Bex 🙂

  1. I know I’m going to miss you! I do think it will be good for you to take the break though. 🙂

    As for thoughts about a new direction, reblog button aside, maybe you could look over some of the posts/topics others write about and see if you can think of anything related along the same lines effects you, inspires you or something else? I’m thinking of one idea helping to connect another forgotten idea or spark a new one, kind of thing.

    Sometimes this works for me. Get me started on one topic I can tangent on to several others in a single conversation (because my brain sees the connection even if you don’t) and STILL remember what the original subject was eventually coming full circle back to it! 😀

    Just an idea. 🙂


    • Thank you, I shall return feeling more refreshed I think 🙂
      Thanks for the thoughts on the blogging direction – I shall take all of that advice on-board Gwen!
      Take care, and ‘speak’ soon 😀

  2. Oh, you’ll be missed. As to new direction, hmm… Off the top of my head, I say try a few different things that interest you then see what you like! I’ll think about it some more. Have a pleasant week! 🙂

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