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Trust Yourself


“Those who claim to enlighten

often have the largest egos”

“We all have our own ideas on life (et al) – no one person possesses all the answers”!Β 


The Savvy Senorita (AKA: Bex Houghagen) 2013

6 thoughts on “Trust Yourself

  1. OMG Bex! This was TOTALLY me recently with trying to ask for some guidance or insight from other Intuitives/Psychics this past week! I was just hoping to get some tips/advice for some training exercises and the first person to respond gave me this stupid speech as though he were “Gandalf” mentoring a young child. I am not fond of being “belittled”. πŸ˜›

    Based on my question I had asked him, half of what he was saying to me was completely moot and didn’t answer my question. Not to mention his response was filled with asinine assumptions. XD To not waste anymore time or energy on him I just said, Thank you for your response, and decided I would ask later at a better time when it’s daylight (I asked during late at night hours in SecondLife) in a different group or something.

    These types of people (like the ones being alluded to in this short post) typically get on my nerves for several of the same things that the person I mentioned did. >.<

    • Hey Gweny,
      So happy to hear you get what I mean:) Unfortunately in every walk of life or association there has to be one, or if unlucky many 😦 I just wish they’d keep their words of ‘wisdom’ to themselves. Even if their words are asked for, why can’t they refrain from appearing sanctimonious and patronising? It really does have a way of screwing with people, and putting them down.
      Thanks again,
      Bex πŸ™‚

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