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He Was A Person. He Had A Name.




This immediately drew me in – so significant is the message, a message we fail to often realise, until it is too late.

At least this man had his name returned to him, his identity restored in some way. He was being reclaimed as not just another ‘object’ – faceless and nameless wandering past us, inhabiting a subsidiary world, we choose to ignore. He was no longer to be lost to us and the world we are submerged in.

He was Emory. He was a person. He had a name.




5 thoughts on “He Was A Person. He Had A Name.

    • Hi, thank you so much for also dropping by my blog. I appreciate it.

      I thought it was a wonderful poster too; and of course all people are valuable regardless of who or where they are in life.

      Thanks again,
      Bex 🙂

  1. I can understand the importance of this poster. We have a small homeless outreach at our community center/church. Although I am bed with names, our guests made it very clear that they wanted me to remember their names every time I came in to volunteer. To see the disappointment on their faces that they remembered mine, though I had forgotten theirs was piercing.

    • Yes, I think it holds a place we often forget about. It is sad that someone could die, and just be wiped out of existence without one person knowing them or mourning them.
      This for me was thought provoking and emotional.
      Interesting to hear your experiences with this too, It seems perhaps they were used to being forgotten and marginalised – so having someone value them enough to recall their names, and remember them for them was a great thing.
      I think we are guilty of not knowing how that feels.

      Although you forgot their names sometimes, I am sure they valued your help.

      Thanks for your contribution Julie.
      Bex 🙂

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