“Boobs NOT news” – what do you think??????

Strange ‘tradition’ perhaps to be discontinued in The Sun (UK tabloid); perhaps after 40 years finally they have had enough boobs, and might now think about actually publishing the news instead of mindless titter tatter.

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  1. Dangerous move on Murdoch’s part there. I think your average Sun reader probably buys it more for the boobs than the news anyways. If you look at the headlines in The Sun on major news events, you will almost always find a bad pun or a complete disregard of the story in favour of something happening in the world of celebrities or footballers.

    Perhaps, The Guardian should include the newly removed page three into their publication and see how their readership responds?!

    • Hi, thanks for your input on this topic!
      Yes, agreed there! The Sun doesn’t amount to much more, perhaps he has grand plans for it though? Yet, it could alienate the readers if it changes too much; I mean they only really want the gossip and so on. Yet, that is the tabloids!
      Ummm, I can see the response now – uproar. I think they have plenty of half naked women though in their version of ‘female’ magazines that are included on weekends??? So, there isn’t so much difference between them – except class, yet, naked flesh is naked flesh to me whether in The Sun or a female Sunday supplement magazine!!
      Thanks again,
      Bex 🙂

    • Yes, I do too. It sort of leads on from my other posts really. It seems people can never get enough boobs, which really perplexes me!!! Honestly though, I have been looking online at women’s magazines and think these are the worst!!! Next to naked women in photo-shoots all the time! At least with page 3 you choose whether you view it, but in a woman’s magazine you wouldn’t think they’d be pushing naked women on you all the time (if you are a woman)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

      • I know, it is so weird! I recently watched seasons 1&2 of Boardwalk Empire which I thought was excellent. The thing I didn’t like was the excessive nudity. Almost every episode I was like O.O! Most I felt was completely unnecessary and uncomfortable. I was 12 once but now…. it actually kind of bothers me.

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