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Your Fat And You Know It!

Katie Price - Glamour Model

Katie Price – Glamour Model

Another celebrity slap down, in the sense of spiteful name calling, the type of which belongs in the playground and to  childhood antics.

This time it is loud mouthed Katie Price on the rampage, yet again.

The ‘much loved’ glamour model v’s the more ‘demure’ Kelly Brook.

Katie slammed Kelly for looking considerably larger than she used to, akin to the size of a ‘heffer’ by all accounts.

This ‘your fat’ statement, didn’t go down too well, especially on that font of all knowledge ‘Twitter’.

Pathetic – I mean really, a grown woman clawing the eyes out of another grown woman. Why, just to be in the media spot light, just because she felt threatened by another women and she had to reclaim her throne as ‘queen bee’.

What can be gained by it??? What motivated it – jealousy?? Probably.

Why would a woman jump on the ‘women hating’ band wagon – there are enough ‘haters’ on that wagon by now! Can’t women have reprieve and actually like one another, themselves and support each other for once; instead of ripping shreds out of each other – like we are all in competition or something, for what exactly??????? Men???????


Isn’t there enough negative body image permeating the ‘rags’ that pass as newspapers???

Isn’t there, and hasn’t there been enough; back biting, bitching, positive reinforcement for anorexia, dissolution, low self esteem, self hatred, negative body image and zero confidence amongst women all over the world??????

Aren’t there enough women struggling to accept themselves without Katie Price, or anyone else for that matter, digging other women for being a normal size, and actually naturally beautiful rather than plastic manufactured or starved.

I think Kelly Brook was quite dignified though, regardless of Katie’s petulance towards her. Miss Brook said it well; Katie’s attitude and behaviour was “unladylike” – and so it was, and also peevish, petty, spiteful, jealous, hateful, crazed – and the list goes on and on!!!

So why in this day and age – the 21st century, are women still being restrained by a corset, which is in reality society. The laces, hooks and eyes in that corset are all the expectations, self imposed ideals, objectifications, judgements, negativity. prejudices and so on and so on. Women are still binding themselves up with this ‘feminine’ concept; this ideal of what a women is or isn’t, should or shouldn’t be; but the goal posts always change.

Women want equality or to be accepted as they are, and yet they cannot accept themselves, they cannot cut themselves some slack. It seems to me this is biggest contradiction that remains!!!!!

So, with February the 14th looming – no not Valentines’ Day, but the campaign ‘1 Billion Rising’; how can women stand up and be counted and protest against hatred, violences and so so????? When women are their own worst enemies, and do damage to themselves everyday by providing the ammunition for others to use against them??????????????

OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Women ‘hating’ on each other – what can this prove, what can this solve???????????????

Does such antics cause self loathing in other women??????????  

Are the media encouraging the perpetuation of negativity for women to indulge in????????? 

Are women in competition with one another; do women see other women as a threat?????????

Are women their own worst enemies?????????????????

Is it a case of a male dominated society controlling women’s minds???????????

Are men to blame???????????

Do men want to see a certain ‘brand’ of women only???????????? 

State YOUR piece – tell me YOUR thoughts…………………….

24 thoughts on “Your Fat And You Know It!

  1. Hi – I might sound really cynical on this one, but I think these comments are made in this context simply to a) stay in the news and b) sell the news. It’s sad that this particular kind of ridiculousness sells more papers than, say, girls’ rights, or climate change or wealth inequality or even the most recent impressive good deed selflessly done by someone for someone else, but there you have it. And women targeting women is easy to use as a narrative, because there is always going to be some level of competition.
    It’s sad that when the media gives this kind of junk a platform, when it is put through the cycle as if it were real ‘news’, that it perpetuates all kinds of outmoded sexist attitudes.

    • I completely agree with you!!! It seems the rubbish news is often easier to digest, and detracts attention from the truth (real news). I suppose ‘girl fights’ over image also fuel money being spent on products meant to turn us all into a Stepford clan!!!!!! I however, prefer to just be me – lumps, bumps and all!!!

  2. I’m sorry but I have to say something before I get into your questions and that is – that picture is just PERFECT! I can’t help but think a few things when I see and the 1st running-line has to do with your topic which is, “I can’t believe how fake those look! They don’t even look that good!”. I’m a Lady yes – but I have my own appreciation for the natural male and female body, especially as an artist.

    Moving on to your questions.

    Women ‘hating’ on each other – what can this prove, what can this solve?

    A: Nothing and Nothing in my book.

    Does such antics cause self loathing in other women?

    A: I think it does a bit to a certain extent. I know I am “ashamed” to see women act in this manner. I’m typically disgusted when one acts in poor taste because they continue to perpetuate a bad reputation for those of us actually trying to be decent women in the first place. Sometimes they even continue to promote certain stereotypes and I’m not especially fond of that either.

    Are the media encouraging the perpetuation of negativity for women to indulge in?

    A: I have to say – yes. You look at advertising in Magazines, Television, movies, dolls (yes; even these), celebrities, the list goes on – they are definitely still trying to “force” a certain “ideal” into our subconscious that we should conform to and accept.
    It can falsely lead young women to believe all men should be beautiful and handsome or one way, because that’s what a real man looks like.
    For young men it can/could do the same. Course they have their own ideas to start about women when they are young so that’s maybe a give or take. I’m not entirely sure since – I’m not a man, but most of my close friends are “male”.

    Are women in competition with one another; do women see other women as a threat?

    A: The only time another woman becomes a threat to me is if she’s threatening to take my “Man” from me or directly threatening my person in some way. Then it’s ON like Donkey Kong.
    Although I almost did get into a fight with a Preppy/Popular Chick who had taken her friend out for her Birthday. She was being very -rude- to the Birthday girl and to me as we were also trying to leave. I wanted to tell her where she could shove it and that she should be more polite to her friend.

    I didn’t though because her boyfriend was present and you know – we really didn’t need to be getting my brother in trouble (since he’d defend me) because he was still enlisted at the time.

    Are women their own worst enemies?

    A: Sometimes but I also don’t think it helps when you have “Peer Pressure” and other factors to throw in as well. :/

    Is it a case of a male dominated society controlling women’s minds?

    A: Honestly, I don’t think it’s just the whole “male dominated society” thing anymore. I think it’s a little of that plus the superficial women who think beauty IS all about appearance vs. deep down too. It’s most definitely “evolved” far as I can tell.

    Are men to blame?

    A: To start early on, yes. Many things in our History were dominated by the ideas of men or men in general. As time has gone on, society has changed and grown, women now have a little more input and say in our world, which is why I think it’s more a “Joint” blame now vs. being a “Solely your guy’s fault!” thing. I also meant guys as a “Unisex” term people, don’t get smart with me. 😛

    Do men want to see a certain ‘brand’ of women only?

    A: I saw a commenter mention Porn and honestly I don’t know if Porn is a very good example to be bringing up. While I don’t watch much porn myself, I do know my brother does and has seen a variety himself. That being said, I KNOW he has his “preferences” of the type of women he finds especially attractive and sexy, as I have MY “preferences” of the type of man I find especially attractive and sexy.

    I do not allow it to make me bias though. However, in a way, I think people are ALL looking for their own type/brand/preference out there of woman or man that’s considered “exceptional” to them. They might not always find it in Porn, a Modeling Magazine, or some other form of Media but I bet it’s out there in one shape or form, whether famous or no.

    That’s my two cents. *Best Russell Peters, Indian Man Accent Impersonation with gesture* Take it and go!

    • Hi, thanks for your opinions and input on this Gweny!!!
      Very in-depth and interesting points!

      The remnants of male domination – yet, things have ‘progressed’ or appeared to have. I suppose for me it is also the use of femininity as a saleable brand. This picture perfect being sold and yet, it is unobtainable. Not only that – why should it be obtainable anyway!!!!!!!!

      Porn too, yes, people watch it, but for me that in itself, as I think I replied to that blogger – is another post altogether. Just to add though – because something is established and seen as having a part or use in society (porn, sex work – whatever); doesn’t mean it is right or OK or shouldn’t be challenged. For me this is a root cause and consequence of many other things in society – so it isn’t merely a job.

      Yep, images perhaps also manipulate what we perceive as attractive, value or as the ‘norm’ – which is again part of our culture. It is obsessed with image and a brand to sell!!!!

      Thanks for your input,
      Bex 🙂

      • Bex,
        you’re welcome. Honestly, I think anything that worthy of being controversial is worthy of a good “Tug-o-war” or fight in general. If it’s especially continuing to promote something negative, detrimental or just plan unhelpful to society and people as a whole – it should be challenged, altered and changed so it can. Like with many other things aside from this that immediately come to my mind. This is just another excellent place to start though.


        • Thanks, yes, things ought to be challenged for sure.
          I suppose opinions are the issue though- we all have them, and who can say we are right or wrong.
          Yet, in my mind if opinions become detrimental to others then, they need challenging!!!
          Perpetuating a beauty myth, and ‘wrecking’ young people’s minds and self esteem is definitely a good cause as any to have a ‘tug of war’ over those darn opinions, and belief systems!!!!!
          Bex 🙂

          • Bex,
            here here! I definitely concur with that! I once heard someone say, “Opinions are like butt-holes – everyone has one and they all stink!” however I never felt that was very accurate, because technically there are opinions that turn into great ideas, forward thinking and innovations.

            So if we were to reword it, maybe to something like, “Opinions are like butt-holes. Everyone has one and they don’t all necessarily smell like roses or even look all that great,” or maybe even a different way. Maybe you can think of a new interpretation on this adage that’s better than even what I came up with. lol


          • Hehe, that is too true, both versions of that saying!!!!!!! I like what you did to change it up a bit!!!
            Whether opinions are based on experience, beliefs, knowledge or culture they are all just opinions and subject to variation and change. Yet, people still fight over them!!!!
            Bex XD

  3. I’m glad I read the whole post before writing to correct you on the grammatical error in the title – I’ll trust you and will put that down to a direct quote!! 😉

    Jordan’s an absolute disgrace. Why the heck ITV and the media in general have continued to ‘showcase’ her and her life for all these years… I really don’t know.

    As you say; Kelly’s far more natural and is all the more beautiful for that. We all now that Jordan (I refuse to refer to her by her real name) doesn’t compare, in that respect.

    • Hey,
      You know what – I made the same error in a comment on your blog today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rectified it though 🙂 Goodness knows what is going on – I usually say being tired causes it. I know it makes me ramble on too; so today I am really in for trouble!!!! Or, my readers will be 🙂

      Yes, agree with you completely!!!!!!!! What is it all about I don’t know. How can ‘J’ be seen as a role model for anyone??? Her behaviour, what is going on there?!! I have heard the word ‘role model’ in relation to her too!!! That word has dropped significantly in value, compared to what it used to signify!!!!! Role models aren’t up to much in today’s society!!!!

      I see the media’s fascination with her as morbid actually. Encouraging little kids to become ‘team Katie’ – really, it is sad.

      Yes, Kelly far more natural and again seemingly less scathing!!!! Better all round individual.

      Bex 🙂

  4. I’m going to try and answer your qestions as I see fit, and good qestions they are indeed, meaning I probably won’t be able to answer all (or any) of them satisfactory

    Women ‘hating’ on each other – what can this prove, what can this solve???????????????

    I am going to disregard any and all rules of political correctness: Not all women are ready for feminism. Mind you, too many men aren’t either, but a generation is growing where equality is becoming more natural than ever.

    An historic reason for male domination goes back further than the first H. Sapien: Males are replacable. All a group needed to survive was one male, who could control as many females as possible. In principle, of course.

    Our enormous cranial capacity and our resulting capacity for cultural development allows us to trancend these principles. The mind should outrank the physique in our society, but still, both men and women aim to be desired. Men and women don’t compete amongst each other very much, but the competition within the sexes is harsh, on both sides.

    Does such antics cause self loathing in other women??????????

    Definitely. Most people are sour losers, man or woman. I can’t say if any of the sexes has a harder lot in this regard. Simplified, women think they need big boobs, men think they need big dicks to satisfy their desired partners.

    Are the media encouraging the perpetuation of negativity for women to indulge in?????????

    I think so, more than or men. Maybe not globally, in the 1st world I get the impression that men are under as mch pressure to be attractive as women are. In Asian contries, however, I think there is a product extremely detrimental to the female identity: Vaginal whitener. Also, let’s not forget female circumcision in Africa. The issue is related, albeit ot by media representation.

    Are women in competition with one another; do women see other women as a threat?????????

    i won’t claim to understand the mind of any person outside of me, let alone a woman’s. But it would seem that no matter how subtle women (believe they) are, they are at least as competitive as men

    Are women their own worst enemies?????????????????

    Who isn’t their own worst enemy? No, seriously, the methods are different, but the principle is the same: Divide and Conquer. How so? Example: I tried to impress a girl last night, but I had competitors. Lots of them. I also observed a very popular man (popular with the ladies). Those were two groups, aside from being popular with the opposite sex, they had little in common (especially not age, ~18 a difference).

    The popular male was fairly attractive, and he could afford things. This may sound shallow, but it is what I observed. He was not the only male in his group, but he was by far the most generous of the bunch.

    The popular female had a cadre of females around her, and for every female, there were three males. She had first pick, because she was the most desirable. They were, however, all rather passive, and/or had a boyfriend, which they only revealed after spoken to. I’m not even sure if anyone “got lucky” with either the dominating female or any other of her cadre, who hadn’t been involved with one of them in the first place.

    Methinks humans are generally good at getting in each other’s way without achieving anything, independent of gender

    Is it a case of a male dominated society controlling women’s minds???????????

    According to my elaborations, no. Not in 2013, where I live. Of course, we have a female chancellor…

    Are men to blame???????????

    Yes. let’s cast some blame. Not like there hasn’t been enough of that going around… or that it has ever helped… this is not just some man trying to divert from the actual topic… where was I? There are still many societies on Earth where women are regarded as inferiors, and men are to blame in that case, but in our case, the blame is not to be cast on a gender. Men and women are victims of the same scourge: Profit.

    Do men want to see a certain ‘brand’ of women only????????????

    I will admit to something that many people (not only men) are ashamed of: I watch porn. And I must say: If men only wanted one brand of woman, we’d only have one brand of porn. But we have countless kinds and brands of porn. I myself am interested in more than 16 types of women, ranging from 18 – 30 something in age and with various body types and hair colors – and those are only superficial physical aspects.

    Aside from the fact that love picks its own matches, there is a market for everything – and everyone.

    I don’t intend to devalue anyone by referring to the selection process as a market. Every kettle has a lid, as we would sa yin Germany…

    • Hi, thank you for your comments and in detail responses to my questions or prompts! I appreciate it!

      I enjoyed reading what you have stated. I think there is plenty valid points, opinions and experiences.

      There is competition for sure, there are complex societal and hormonal (historical) reasoning’s for such things occurring. Every society might be slightly different, every person too, developed and developing worlds also differ.

      profit and market is to blame too – battling against one another sells the products made to make you win or stand out (like a ‘Peacock’ on show). Men do have pressure too – ‘6 pack’ and penis enlargements. Women have had to concentrate on their looks longer than most men have though; recently male grooming is becoming ever more the norm.

      I was interested in your snap-shot of being out in a bar and what you observed. Perhaps very typical and almost ‘animalistic’ – like packs pairing off in rank?? Makes me feel quite sick really. Evolution means nothing inevitably (this natural selection thing keeps raising its head). People are always on automatic pilot then, allowing their sex drives to lead them????? Not ever in control, but controlled…………

      Blame – so something concrete can be derived and then fixed. Questioning more than blame really – so as not to necessary accept what is and not wonder why. Why we act as we do in society????? Hormones, always hormones!

      Porn, well, that is another post for another day. I am aware most men watch this – yet, that in itself has so many questions, doubts, problems and negative connotations. What does porn say about women???? What does it say about men??????

      However, I want to end on your saying from Germany – which I like – “Every kettle has a lid” – we are all different and made to ‘fit’ someone!!!!!! Indeed that could well be!!!

      Thanks again,
      Bex 🙂

  5. So Bex,

    I wasn’t planning on participating this round because I don’t know how well I really understand women. They really are a mystery to me. 😆 But here I am, giving it a go.

    I think in general people hating on each other is a sad thing. Most hate I feel comes from misunderstanding. Perhaps sometime in the past Kelly Brook accidently snubbed Katie Price? (which btw, talk about a distracting picture!) Is it true that women hang onto things longer than men do? Maybe that is what happened here, some small accidental snub which Katie couldn’t let go?

    Of course you have the popular girls or mean girls. I’ve always wondered if that really existed, my experience in High School was different I guess, I was never really bullied even though I was a geek. (Who wants to mess around with a 6’1” chubby kid?) I never observed girls putting each other down like in the movies. There were definitely cliques but I don’t remember there being any overt hostility. Most groups just ignored each other really. I guess though that the mean girls really do exist. It would seem to me everything they do is about maintaining some sort of element of power. They feel (wrongly) they have to put other girls down in order to stay on top.

    I believe that the media is partially to blame. Women have so much going against them, they’re expected to meet some ideal beauty standard that lord knows who created. However, I feel, that as people we like looking at pretty things. So if the deciding factor comes down to appearance, the pretty girl is going to win.

    I think women are in a competition with each other for sure. Sadly, women do see other women as a threat. I have a friend who is a girl (shocking) and all of her other male friends who had gotten married recently have had to cut off contact with her because of their wives. It really hurt my friend, she is slightly larger (but super pretty imo) and to have these girls feel threatened by her threw her for a loop. These wives all fit the stereotype of skinny, gorgeous women and yet even after they had won the prize (so to speak) they still had to exert authority and put another girl down. It’s really quite sad actually.

    Scott Adam’s, the writer of Dilbert made some excellent points of how we are really living in a female dominated society, the only thing men control is women’s fashion. 😆 I wish I could remember what they were, the Internet is no help, it would appear he is kind of outspoken on the issue and I am not sure I agree.

    I think men are initially attracted to women for specific reasons but I wouldn’t say it is uniform what those attractions are. I also believe there has to be more than attraction for a couple to stay together.

    Hmm, how should we go about fixing these things? I really don’t know. Maybe concentrating more on just being good people? I really don’t know. This is such a tough one.

    • Hi,
      Can understand your reticence to reply to this one, but, am so glad you decided to!!!!!!!

      To me all of this is merely opinion and supposition, so don’t worry – no one has all the answers, no one is an all seeing eye (or whatever)!!!!!! So, never feel concerned about offering your opinion, as I value it 🙂

      Well, I think people do such things from misunderstanding true; and paranoia, spite and hatred – just to make other people feel as miserable as they really do. Katie Price, although declared ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ has had trouble with, I think, 3 marriages as a result of her never feeling good enough, and believing her husbands would run off with someone else. Seems no-one is ever as satisfied or secure in themselves as they are perceived to be. Yet, if you go through different cosmetic procedures, regularly, then can anyone be that secure in themselves??????? If they have to continually change themselves to feel accepted?????? I am rambling slightly, SORRY!!!!!!!

      Cliques form anywhere – school and then in the ‘real’ world too. I suppose they tend to want their image to be top, their brand to sell and anything jeopardising or threatening that – anything exposing them perhaps as not ‘Queens of their castles’ has to be belittled and eliminated by negative words, and bad associations. I suppose there are cliques in the world, even if we don’t think of them, and it is up to us if we want to be part of them.

      I think seeing someone who won’t conform to these images of beauty, created by (as you have stated – God knows who)!!! Is where some jealousy occurs. Women often feel they have to be something – be a certain standard – and often they don’t want to be. Seeing someone who is just happy as they are, well, this can inspire unkind attitudes.

      I understand what your friend has experienced. Obviously there was something those women saw within her that threatened them, made them paranoid, made them question their position. All that glitters isn’t gold perhaps???? It is a strange world where this occurs, to live life so afraid as these women do. I mean what do they propose to do, lock their husbands away from the world forever?? What do they expect will happen??? If he leaves them, then what??????

      I suppose I am questioning our reliance on beauty here too; our obsession with it. It is only one sided, one thing, un-measurable really as it differs so much for everyone person. We are human and not inanimate objects – what is it about beauty that comes as a value above all else; like a beautiful flower, or building or whatever. What is it that we crave, pursue and that can twist us?? When will this pursuit be enough, when will we say OK lets just be us??? Beauty can be dishonest (fake sometimes), fades quickly and is quite an empty measure. AGAIN I RAMBLE – SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am interested in this book you mention. I have heard this idea before that it is a woman dominated world. I wonder????? Maybe a Chicken and egg scenario – which one comes first – male ideal of woman or woman’s ideals of woman????? Who knows when such notions were fully conceived, and made concrete.

      What to do about it; yes, just striving to be better people and liking ourselves more would help. Yet, try unpicking what some people think, it would be impossible!!!!! They always will function in such a paranoid way. It is perhaps their nature or at least become it.

      Thanks again, and yes this has become an unintentionally long winded response!!!!!!! Sorry!!!!
      Bex 🙂

  6. You are in competition though. That’s just natural selection. And yes, over men as much as men are in competition over women. You compete for soil and breeding rights. Nothing has changed about this since before Paleolithic times. Nor should it.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your input in this topic. I appreciate your opinions.
      Just a few thoughts for you to mull though…….
      Maybe people don’t wish to be in competition??? It could be seen as an archaic idea really.
      Natural selection can’t be working to define or alter the details any longer though surely – not if we remain a slave to ‘hormones’, to a past life function just a step away from the trees????? What do you think?????
      “Nothing should change” – ummmm, shouldn’t we all wish to progress and not be merely breeding machines devoid of higher cognition????
      Bex 🙂

      • Many people have contempt for our ancestors seeing them as barbaric and uncouth. This is understandable when the last few generation were entirely raised on TV and Hollywood fantasy. Let me put this into perspective for you: Nothing has been said the past 2000 years that hasn’t already been said by ancient Greeks. Think about that. Does that sound like they were slaves to hormones? They were pretty darn smart. Don’t kid yourself — we’re not progressing. We’re regressing.

        • Hi,
          I understand and am well versed, IE, educated in the ancients, and what they achieved and their knowledge; and what we forgot!!!
          I know how intelligent they were, before we had even conceived of the ideas they had done so, on many things from; heeling and medicine, astronomy, politics and societal measures like roads and bath houses. Look at the Romans, the Egyptians, the Chinese and so on.
          Were they slaves to their hormones – yes they were!!!!! Also, they kept slaves too – so maybe we have progressed???????????
          Bex 🙂

          • How exactly were they slaves to hormones? I don’t follow. And what about natural selection? Those that don’t produce offspring take themselves out of the gene pool. Perhaps that is for the better.

          • Everyone has the right to opt out of the gene pool, there are plenty of genes floating about in the 21st century! To be honest people leave a ‘mark’ of themselves in different ways don’t they. Maybe through their work, their legacy, or also how they touch people’s lives with their knowledge, kindness and so on. It isn’t always about reproduction.
            Also natural selection – well look at what has been selected so far. I mean if we still think on the level of animals (which is debatable in my eyes are they get this world far more than we do); then how has selection really still got a place in the world. It isn’t altering us if we are merely just allowing ourselves to fall foul of our hormones as we have for centuries, and if our ‘set path’ is still the same as it was; to merely reproduce.
            Well, hormones actually do control plenty of our bodily functions and our brains. I suppose how we react to those hormones though displays our higher cog function, and how we have evolved. If we know we could be slaves to these hormones – EG – desire to reproduce – wanting sex and sex and sex, with anyone that moves; well, it is what we do to combat this hormone slavery that makes us progress and evolve. Otherwise what are we if not slaves, and some people remain slaves to it, and call it nature.
            Just a thought!!!!!!!

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