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Is Democracy DEAD???



I have been looking at UK based political opinion websites recently, where, not surprisingly David Cameron has been dished his fair share of hate.

Yet, I am left wondering; if no-one trusts Cameron, then who do they trust?? Not one person ever answers this question………….

I mean aren’t ALL political parties and politicians the same; full of empty promises??

Yet, to balance the argument out here a bit; the UK was in a pretty poor state when this coalition Government inherited it. No-one, not even David Cameron can be expected to work miracles over night, any change WILL take time.

I am not a ‘fan’ per se of any politician though, but I can see that at this moment whatever is done or not done will cause uproar.

So perhaps then their failings, like all the others before them is not their party rhetoric or their policies, but that they aren’t consulting with their electorate AT ALL.

Isn’t that what politics is though, consultation and representing the electorate?

Politicians by nature seem to impose what they think are great solutions, leaving us all out in the wilderness, alienated from the political sphere.

We are left wondering what is this all about?

Don’t WE the people count?

Where is TRUE democracy, if it ever existed, gone?

Maybe in the next general election they should include a box on the ballot form stating;
‘I ABSTAIN FROM VOTING’ – I wonder how many people in the UK would tick this box?


What do YOU think about the place politics holds in today’s society.

Has politics lost it’s direction?

Are we all being ignored by the bureaucratic processes??

IS DEMOCRACY DEAD???????????????

You TELL me!


*Above pic from : http://bharathin.blogspot.com.es

12 thoughts on “Is Democracy DEAD???

  1. There is an entire subset of economics called Public Choice Economics which deals with the political sphere. It has been called “politics without romance.” Instead of politicians being assumed to be benevolent ‘public servants’ faithfully carrying out the ‘will of the people’ they are assumed to be guided by their own self-interests. Public choice economics assumes that voters support candidates they think will make them better off, bureaucrats pursue career advancement and politicians seek election or reelection to office. The conclusions of public choice economics explain much of our frustration with traditional democracy.

    • Hi Malcolm, many thanks once more for your knowledgeable and considered input. I am thankful for the information you have provided me with, as I was unaware of this subset in economics. Very interesting indeed. I agree with the points you have raised though (or the subset raise); and can see how this would explain more about our general angst regarding the traditional political field.
      Thanks again!
      Bex 🙂

  2. Hey, interesting blogpost. I think people in Britain do not trust their politicians one bit! That’s why we don’t have high turnout (except the last election). There are now more members of The Royal Society for Protection of Birds than all the three major parties put together!

    • Hey there, thanks for that! Thanks also for dropping by my blog and posting your input on this. Yes, agreed on that point 100%; I wasn’t aware of that RSB information. Well, that is something to consider! Maybe the RSB ought to venture into politics, they might have more success at it!
      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

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