Not Just A Vagina.

I am truly sick of these Facebook pages that claim to be liberal in their sexual views and ideals – only thing is I don’t see any naked men sprawled with their legs akimbo in every pic they post!!!!! Or women stating sexually what they’d like to do to men on these pages, in explicit porno language.

Twisted Broad YOU suck, but not the ‘thing’ you continually refer to 🙂

We all know what the birds and the bees are ‘lady’, you don’t have to drag it through the dirt like smut. Pathetic and childish just to get views; its cheap and nasty.

Why have some people got to push the boundaries just for the sake of doing so? Is it merely to gain ‘cool’ points with the men?

I mean what they class as sexy is blatantly not! Sexy should surely be coupled with classy, and yet none of the rubbish peddled as sexy on these sites are sexy.

Maybe these people need to think what their acquiescence towards these sexually arrogant, lascivious and obscene attitudes is really saying to the world; ‘I am a woman and just a vagina’. Can’t they get it into their dull heads that this back step disregards their own humanity, and trades them in too as merely a sex toy / object?

What the Hell was women’s liberation for exactly? Just so women could disrespect themselves, and their own sex as lewdly and crudely as some men need no invite in doing so anyway.

Objectification is not cool. A woman is a human and not just a vagina.

9 thoughts on “Not Just A Vagina.

  1. Problem is – if a woman wants to say dress “sexy” or “classy-sexy” or puts on make-up or whatever, as Bones so put it in an episode of “Bones” a woman is still objectifying herself, whether it is herself doing it or a man. I get what you mean though and it’s very frustrating.

    More often than not I’m reminded how Audrey Hepburn had the classy-sexy look down but in a more modern era, that changes and so you have to wonder, what defines this look today? Most of the celebrity women I see now a days I wouldn’t want to aspire too.

    And most certainly if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want them to aspire to any of these women that I see making headlines. It just seems like we can never win this battle. :/

    • Yes, a war that can never be won, and is exasperated by this sexual competition women cling onto. All women are a threat!!! A constant battle to be the most beautiful, sexy, desirable and alluring. I feel like we live in a primate colony!!! I mean only us as individuals know what is right for us – what is cool, sexy, classy and so on. Who is anyone else to decide, judge and jury, that one person is ‘the bomb’ and everyone else sucks! Its like bullying to me. Its like most people give in to some ‘standard’ just be deemed hot and so on! I agree with you Gwen, if I had kids in general, I wouldn’t be pleased to allow their lives to be saturated with such superficial, and self depreciating bull crap perpetuated via the media and ‘super stars’!!

      • I was considering actually, when I’d have kids, to eliminate as much of the distracting media clutter out there so they don’t get tainted early on by it. That way, they can decide for themselves what they want to believe once they are old enough to see how silly it all is. They probably wouldn’t understand it.

  2. i agree with the above. when i was younger it was all about sex but now thankfully having met the right man who 1st wowed me with his charm,good manners and romance im happy to say im not just a vagina! i learnt tht him opening the door for me,pulling out a chair, leaving little love notes in the fridge on my fav thing to eat ment more to me thn just having sex. then once he had wowed me it turned into making love a whole new meaning to sex 🙂 but it shows there are men out there who no how to treat a lady and ones tht dnt start frm the vagina lol.

    • Hi Annie, thanks for your input into this topic of conversation. I much appreciate your point of view and experiences. Indeed, finding the right person who views you as more than merely a sex object is the prerequisite of a happy relationship; exactly as your story proves. Sex is good, but so too is being treated like a human, and a lady (in fact, far more preferable)!
      Thanks again, and hope you stop by my blog again soon.
      Bex 🙂

  3. yeah women arent just vaginas. If you wanna please a woman then vagina is a last thing to please her. First you’ve to impress her soul, heart, eyes etc. Vagina is last step but men start from it unfortunately.

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