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I’ll Be Offended If I Want To Be!!!!!!!

You know what annoys me? Hearing egotistical people complain about people complaining! These people are under the illusion that they can say what THEY WANT to, but they cannot abide it or understand it when other people might take offence to what it is they have to say.

We ALL have the right to be offended. If people have the right to say something, we then have the right to be offended. If people don’t like that, well, then don’t say anything in the first place! Simple, not really rocket science 🙂

Being offended is natural and being able to say so is a right.

So, I AM OFFENDED! I am entitled to be!!!

If you don’t like it, think before you speak!

4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Offended If I Want To Be!!!!!!!

  1. I do take some kind of offence when I’m near someone who’s constantly complaining (usually at work) but, I then keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. Is it still wrong of me to think that way though?

    I think the line should always be drawn at personal criticism and back-stabbing.

    • No, not wrong we all think ‘shut the Hell up’ on occasions!!! I know ‘moaning’ can be negative and bring others down – but sometimes it can also lighten the burden! Depends on what people moan about, and who is doing the moaning I suppose. Sometimes people make it their life, but never do anything about their outrage other than moan behind people’s backs. Moaning is generally covert, long winded and an inactive thing, but being offended is usually an immediate sharp response to something.

      Yes, as I find criticism and back stabbing offensive!

      • I briefly heard John McCrirrick on Jeremy Vine’s show earlier today and it sounded like everyone phoning or e-mailing in had a right to moan and criticise about him… (I hate that show, the radio station and the presenter, FYI).

        Apparently, he’s suing Channel 4 for unfair dismissal over ageism. If I heard correctly then, people were also accusing him of being ‘sexist’ and demeaning towards women? I don’t read newspapers so, I’m in the dark on all of this but, I wondered if it was a topic you might be interested in writing about?

        It’s current, it gets people talking… It could attract attention and interest. 😉

        • Hey, thanks for the info. I haven’t heard about this. I do check BBC online sporadically, but not since coming back to Madrid. I’ll take a look at this.

          Seems maybe moaning about one thing is all about personal perspective! One person’s outrage isn’t everyone’s is it!

          Thanks again!!!!!
          Bex 🙂

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