Is This A Joke?



Is this above Tom Ford advert sexy? Would it seduce you into purchasing the item being sold, which is if you haven’t figured it out a men’s cologne? Is the advert for real or maybe it is a joke? If it is a joke who is the one being laughed at?

I wonder has advertising finally scraped the bottle of the barrel, is this as low, literally, as it can go?

I don’t see the need to advertise anything in this vile and crude fashion. Can’t advertising sell anything unless overt sexual connotations are attached? If they can’t, then maybe what is being marketed isn’t worth buying!

I know this advert is aimed at men and no doubt made to shock, stand out and insight arousal; but I just don’t get it! I know people will no doubt say; ‘sex sells so how can you be shocked or upset by this image in today’s society?’ Well, why shouldn’t we be? Why should it be OK to advertise in this way? Why do I have to be ‘cool’ with seeing woman portrayed as nothing more than their breasts and vagina?!

Yes, we have seen these lady parts before, yes as women we all have these parts, but my God I don’t want to see these parts large as life everywhere and all the time? It doesn’t turn me on, it doesn’t appeal to me.

A woman’s perfume would never be marketed this way; IE, a man in such poses. So, what does that say about how a woman is perceived in marketing?

Objectification of women as sex objects, women made into an ‘it’ or is this a damn good marketing technique to appeal to men?????? You better decide, as I for one am at a loss with this.

8 thoughts on “Is This A Joke?

  1. My sister recently made an observation of a UK dating show (Take Me Out – the New Blind Date, possibly). One man is introduced to a crowd of thirty women (in the beginning), who are allowed ‘oogle’ him with their eyes and make all sorts of remarks.

    But, what if the gender roles were reversed?

    It’s as if the current format is ‘acceptable’ but, a stage full of men eyeing up one woman, well, that would never be allowed.

    I’m a man and I really don’t get it, referring to the advert you mention in this post. I think your caption for the photo sums it up very well!! šŸ˜‰

    • Hey, thank you for catching up and commenting!!!!! I appreciate it as I know you have been bogged down with stuff lately.

      Yeah, neither version is OK for me. I can see why this might be on the increase though as men have often led the way in judging women on looks alone. Yet, even in that show the man gets the final say. Still it is good to see your point of view on how it appears to you, as you are a man. It is unfair just being heckled to death by all those women!

      I think good looks are fine, but those alone don’t make a person a complete being. To judge on looks only is not seeing the person, but seeing an object.

      We can all do this at some point, but knowing we do that makes the difference from just doing it without questioning why.

      Hehe, yes, I think so too. I was in utter shock actually when I first saw it. It was my first response.

      Thanks, Bex šŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your comment, and your agreement on this. I thought the questions should be raised; I was aghast when I saw the image. Yes, definitely so, people just go along with it all to appear ‘cool’ and not ‘rock the boat’, but why? Who benefits from it all?
      I am happy you enjoyed my post, and thanks for complimenting me on it; I appreciate it! I have written some other posts on similar issues, and will continue to write more, as to me these issues are important!!!!

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