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7 Things I believe In

I have seen this type of post attached to blogs who have been nominated for or won blog awards, and I felt inspired by them! I wondered why wait for such an accolade to impart to one and all the things I believe in?! Well, I am not waiting! Although I am in no way being facetious or mocking such awards. In fact, I want to take the time to say congratulations to all of those who do receive blog awards!!! You will get no queries from me as to why or how they have, because some of those nominated and winning blogs I myself read and LOVE!!!!! Any award gained is deserved in my eyes! However, I myself am not expecting any-time soon, or ever in fact, to receive such an award; but I think that doesn’t mean MY beliefs or YOURS for that matter, are any less consequential.

So, let us CELEBRATE our beliefs, whatever they may be!!!!! I would like to begin by asking anyone who reads this to do the same; post a post about your beliefs on your blog! If I can do it, and I am so cagey about giving myself away online, then you can do it!


1)      The true believers:

Now this is a broad ‘statement’, but I refer to those who are there for you in your life regardless of the situation or circumstances. These people who give of themselves tirelessly, and don’t expect a thing in return are the true stars in the world. Somewhere, at sometime they appear and for as long as they remain with you cherish them and their presence; as they are part of a rare breed worth celebrating.


2)      Value yourself:

I am the worst critic of myself, and do the most damage to myself. I can be my own worst enemy. I think this is quite normal for most people though. Regardless of this, I still believe in valuing who I am and what I stand for. If I am against myself then how can I expect others to be on my side? There is only me, I can be no-one else, and really and truly I don’t want to be anyone but me; for all my flaws and quirks!


3)      Come what may:

I am a firm believer in ‘right place, right time’, or fate. Elusive as the terms seems to be I believe that somewhere there is a guiding force leading us on; and I don’t mean religion either (though each to their own). No doubt we make choices in our life, but somehow I always find that old saying ‘whatever is meant to be never passes us by’ holds true. Getting hung up on things never makes things any better or easier, so I try to always believe in ‘come what may’; usually then the most unexpected, but good things seem to flourish! Being in the moment and accepting things for what they are, for me is a better option than working my mind up into overdrive, whilst I try to fathom out all the details!


4)      Be kind not cruel:

I don’t understand people who are nasty for the sake of it. I believe in being kind to people until provoked otherwise. What is the point in wasting time being wrapped up in hatred? Where does that get anyone? I believe in accepting people for who they are, enjoying people’s diversity, and being happy for people’s good fortune. Life is after all too short and too precious!


5)      Live life:

I believe in living my life, or at least trying to! Regardless of how frightened, anxious, down or diverted I have been, I believe in living! Being receptive to positive experiences, opportunities and the possibility to develop makes life worthwhile. I think regardless of how out of my depth I have felt I have taken those things as a challenge to grow. Nothing comes easy, things are stressing and confusing, trying can seem impossible; but giving up = gaining nothing.


6)      Be content:

I believe in contentment, but admit it is hard to obtain all of the time! Contentment for me is more than happiness; it is fully immersing myself in a moment, and embracing the time and place I am in without wanting anything more. Whenever I feel this all things just click into place, and I am at peace with myself. I think we are so used to trying to attain goals and so on, busy rushing from one thing to next that we don’t take the time to evaluate what we have. We should realise more often just how lucky we actually are, and stop wishing our lives away.


7)      Love:

This is not last on my list because it means less to me, it is THE most important. I believe in love, and feel lucky to love and be loved J Love for me can be demonstrated in many different ways, but it is always; unconditional, will weather any storm, lift me from the darkest depths and flood my life with something no words can really express. You have to love, love!


So there are my 7 things, now, what are yours?!  


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10 thoughts on “7 Things I believe In

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  2. I’m working on my response to this, but I’m hitting my sleep deprivation wall/bedtime so I will have to save it as a draft for now and think of my last 2 things I believe in. I was hoping to finish it before MY bedtime, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. You’ll see it later though!

    I actually believed in some of the same things, but named them different. 🙂 They still mean the same to me though. I think you are going to enjoy it! 😀


    • OK, cool. I wanted readers to do that; their own post of their own 7 things. I think Nafees did a response, but no-one else I know did. You are now doing a full post though, the first one, SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
      I can’t wait to read it – are you doing it as a post on your own blog??????? Or is it response to me??????

      Get some good sleep Gweny!!!!
      Speak later, Bex 🙂

      • It’s going to be a full post! On my blog. XD I thought that would be a little more appropriate so my readers could see it too! So it’s a Blog Post response. *nod* XD

        Still feel a little tired cause my kitty Loki woke me up. He’s my alarm clock. XD


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  4. I think you’ve already read mine but I like the list that you have produced and I sense that you could have gone on to list several more.

    I do share some of the same beliefs. It’s just that they’re not all easy to put in to practice.

    • I have and loved them!!! They were fab and actually inspired me to write mine 🙂

      Yes, I probably could, you are right I think. Once I begin I find it difficult to stop rambling on and on!

      That is true too; it is always easier said than done, but I try to be at least mindful of them and know that somewhere they are part of me, even if I don’t always realise it.

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