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My Miniature Disaster.

Wow, what a morning! I had plans to meet up with a friend, but man, getting there was easier said than done!

So, what follows is a break down of my disastrous morning into miniature steps;


1) I woke up tired from another bad nights sleep.

2) Upon completing my morning ablutions there was a power cut!

3) I didn’t check my emails; not so bad I hear you think, read on please……

4) I thought I was running very late, therefore I rushed about like a crazy lady trying to recoup lost time, which I hate doing.

5) I rushed out of the house without my usual bottle of water, without my coat and let me add it is FREEZING cold here today. Momentarily I thought about returning to the apartment to rectify these errors, but of course I was late!

6) The wind was so strong it kept blowing my hat of my head.

7) I had to catch two trains, and felt stressed out waiting for both at the respective Metro stations!! Note to reader: I have to be in the right frame of mind to travel on the Metro. Anytime it becomes packed to the rafters I begin to become ever so uneasy. There is something about overly warm closed spaces underground, and confined metal boxes with more people than air that tends to make me sometimes freak out!

8) I got off at the wrong Metro station, who knows why, but I did.

9) I walked to and waited in Parque del Retiro, bearing in mind I was bloody freezing! I then received a text from my friend.

10) This is where number 3 comes back to bite me! My friend proceeded to inform me she had emailed me that morning as she was running late too. She had to teach another class, which had been rescheduled!

11) Great!! I then realised I was over an hour early waiting about in the cold with nothing particular to do, oh and I still had no coat!

12) I then walked some more just to warm up. Everyone by this time noticing I had no coat and no doubt thinking to themselves; ‘this girl with no coat is either crazy or a tourist’.

13) Number 13, unlucky for some, yes it is! I was about to go for a coffee at one of my favourite café’s, but upon doing so I bumped into a ‘friend’ I really didn’t want to see. Bad terms and an ending is all I will say……..

14) My luck is on the mend!!!! I actually get to meet up with my friend at the college she teaches at!!!


The happy ending!!!!

A few weeks ago I met a couple of other students at the college my friend teaches at. They are really nice people, and good company. I wasn’t expecting to see them today. I had told one about my blog last time we spoke and he said he had enjoyed reading my posts, which made me happy! He also loves talking to me about vintage shopping here in Madrid, which always makes me happy.

Then there was another unexpected interruption. A student from the UK (Manchester), came over and was ‘over the moon’ to hear my accent. He said he was feeling a little ‘out of it’ because he hadn’t heard another British person speak since leaving the UK to come to study in Madrid. I think he was on the verge of succumbing to hugging me! Well, being deprived of the ‘English’ accent has that effect on you! Madrid doesn’t seem to be a place over-run with the British, well, not yet anyway!

Anyway, after a warming cup of coffee, and a good chat with Laura in English and of course Spanish, I got
home for about 3:00 starving hungry. Only to discover the electric had ‘tripped’ out again!!

I am still freezing from my day in the cold, and hope I don’t catch a cold, as I have discovered I have run out of vitamins! In Madrid vitamins are an expensive commodity, so I am annoyed!

Oh, and the bad luck, well it has seemingly just reared its ugly head once more. Just been told the rent is due to go up in the New Year, thanks!

Contracts in Spanish, well, that is another post altogether!

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2 thoughts on “My Miniature Disaster.

  1. Hi Bex, I’m still in counselling as a result of reading your post about the broken sewer and this post, I’m sorry to say, has brought up deep memories and sent me spiralling backwards again – so I thought I would share a disastrous tale of my own with you.

    Many years ago, having been unemployed for a while, I found work. I decided that for my first day I would get everything right – there would be, as there had been so many times before, no rush.

    I needed an alarm clock (‘What?!’, I hear you say) so I went into the city, went to a well-known jewellers and bought the quietest mechanical clock I could find. When I got it home to my extremely quiet flat (quiet and I get on very well), wound it up then let it go, the clock began thumping loudly away, clearly intending to divide the remainder of my life into seconds – I couldn’t bear it.

    Someone suggested an electric clock… Problem solved.

    The night before the Big Day, I put out the clothes I would be wearing, set the alarm for 7am and went to bed.

    As though only a short while after that, the alarm went off. I leapt out of bed and moved quickly to the window. It was pitch dark outside and there was absolutely no movement anywhere. I thought ‘Holy Jesus, they’ve nuked Sydney!’

    I went back to my new clock. It indicated 3am. But here’s the best part – it was going backwards! (My only drug, in moderate amounts, was alcohol.)

    I broke the clock, went back to sleep and woke at exactly 7am.

    Filippo del mondo

    • Hi Filippo, and wow what a story! Its funny how these things happen, and always at the most inopportune times!! At least it worked out in the end; lucky you 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your story with me, I truly appreciate that.
      Thanks again for your comment, Bex

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