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The Opiate For The People – Capitalism and Its Control

One side of the Capitalist coin

Capitalism; our friend or foe? Its glory shines brightly, but not everyone basks in its radiance.

The reality behind the veil; in other words the myth Capitalism perpetuates to ensure us ordinary folk are kept in place, and toe the line.

The more we want the less we get, but the harder we’ll try regardless; determined to be what Capitalism says we can be – successful and rich.

After all, the free market is where competition is encouraged; anyone can be anything so long as they work hard for it. ‘The opiate for the people’, yes it is, that and popular culture.

With everyone striving to have 3D televisions and the next new BMW, no one is going to challenge the system or rock the boat.

If we all buy in to the ‘dream’ we are less of a threat, subdued and controlled.

Greed, and self deception = capitalisms best friend.

The other side of the Capitalist coin

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4 thoughts on “The Opiate For The People – Capitalism and Its Control

  1. Loved the picture about Capitalism and your post on the subject is really excellent. In Western Civilization, Capitalism has become a form of worship. What amazes me is that those that “have” never seem to get enough. I thought my country would learn from the debacle of our near financial collapse, housing bubble burst, and cheap goods made by outsourced cheap labor, but it seems as though nothing has changed. Wall Street has had its best year ever. I wonder how and when it will all end?

    • Hey,

      Thank you so much for your compliment on my post, much appreciated, it means a lot to me!!

      Great comment, and you are very right!! The rich do get richer, and the poor definitely get poorer in today’s society. I agree, you would think people could learn from the warnings being shouted loud and clear, but they don’t! Its like all is forgiven because it happens under Capitalism; everyone suddenly becomes blind and turns away from the truth. It is utter madness.

      To be honest I wonder if it can end.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    • No, I didn’t forget it, I chose not to admit that 🙂
      Wanted to be concise on this, as I could have been in danger of rambling on and on!! I appreciate your comment as a point to add to the discussion though! Thanks for contributing Julien 🙂

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