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‘What Dreams May Come’

When I dream I enter a vivid and fantastical world, where anything, quite literally, is possible. I see scenes played out in places, with people, characters and ‘things’ I don’t even recognise; the colours and images are wonderful, delicate, intricate and complex, as are the languages and actions. It’s as though my brain becomes home to a tiny film production company overnight without my knowledge! My dreams could rival any Hollywood blockbuster, and I just wish I could record them to show to everyone else! I look forward to dreaming, I love the experience. I was under the impression that everyone’s dreams were in the same type of quality, and had the same weird scenarios playing into miniature films like me; yet, apparently not.

I couldn’t imagine going to sleep and merely dreaming about the mundane or constricting my imagination to only what I know such as; work, home, friends and family. I mean that would be severely boring and uninspiring!!!! If I wasn’t flying through the sky, being a vampire, running and fighting Zombies and Demons, climbing mountains, meeting aliens, spaceships landing in my garden and being a professional singer I’d not want to go to sleep again, it would disappointment me beyond belief!

What are your dreams like; weird and wonderful or run of mill?

What do you think your dreams say about you and your life?

Feel free to leave your comments.

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2 thoughts on “‘What Dreams May Come’

  1. I like the fact that you value your dreams very seriously. I do the same. And as you said sleeping would be so boring without dreaming. I liked the metaphor of “tiny film production company” 🙂 That was very convenient. One thing that I hate about dreams, is when you are stuck at one point and you can’t move backward nor forward, but anyway don’t mind me. Great post (Y)

    • Thank you. Yes, I do – I love them. They can indicate all kinds of things in life, the past and the future too (well, I believe so anyway). Thank you, I just feel that way about the dreams themselves – it is like a film more than a dream to me!!! Yes, sometimes knowing you are in one place and wish to move and can’t – apparently you can control your dreams and sometimes you can, but not always.
      Thank you so much for your kindness 🙂

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