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50 Shades of ‘BORING’ Grey.

’50 Shades of Grey’, the new representation of ‘sexual liberation’. Am I the only one sick to death of this unoriginal and regurgitated story, that wouldn’t go amiss among the pages of the ‘Romantic’ Mills & Boons and Harlequin novels?

I am surrounded by adult women who have raved about the books as though they are better than life itself! They relate how enthralling they believe the content to be, so much so that I had to read this book, the first of the 50 Shades series, for myself.

I was duly misinformed. Erotic and highly graphic? Where was that then? I read it cover to cover looking for such ‘enthralling’ content only to be disappointed! I was not ‘thrilled’, and left with the distinct impression that Miss Steele was in fact ‘Bella’ from Twilight, and Mr Grey was an ‘Edward’ caricature. The only opposing difference is that Twilight is written for female teens, and 50 Shades in written for adult women.

What then has caused this run of mill romance novel, full of contradictions to become such an international phenomenon? I can only question the quality of sex lives these women lead, if such a book stimulates them. That might sound offensive, but it is my opinion!

The plot revolves around a naïve and subdued girl who can’t believe her luck that she has met a handsome, wealthy and dominant man who will save her, as without him she would wither and die an ‘old maid’. What is so sexy and stimulating about identifying with a character who feels inferior in comparison to such an ‘amazing’ male specimen? What is so erotic about that subjugation? What does that say about the women swooning off their sofas for such sad state of affairs?

Have women become so subdued in the bedroom that they don’t want to ensure they have a fulfilling sex life? Are they happy to merely make do with a second-rate novel about sex instead of the real deal?

What do you think?

See below article from Robert Weiss for consideration. Very interesting debate:


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4 thoughts on “50 Shades of ‘BORING’ Grey.

  1. Excellent! I was planning to write a similar review and post it up somewhere, before I even knew the ‘hate’ page existed or so many people felt my way about it. Doubly refreshing to see females appreciate how totally fucking awful this book is on so many levels. I’ve never known a book to stir such negative feelings in me.

    • Hi Phillip,
      Thank you for visiting my blog!! I completely appreciate, and agree with you comment!! I did read the book, just to see what the hype was about, but I concur with you 100% I was left feeling overwhelmed with negativity towards it. So much so I had to just write about it! afterwards, as it is possibly the worst book I have ever read!!! I suppose it was a mixture of how the characters are portrayed, and the whole context of the novel! Most people I know disagree with me, but all I can say is they have to be easily pleased!!!
      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

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